I was going through my web comic bookmarks this morning and realized quite a few have clearly stopped updating. This happens a lot with web comics.

Many times, there’s not a word why and the site eventually vanishes. Other times the creator(s) cite work or events as interfering with updates. Those I wish the best. We all get hit with things more important than spending a few hours a day (yes, hours) creating something that brings in, at best, a modest income. Howard Taylor, of Schlock Mercenary, could be bringing in considerably more money as a Network Administrator than he does drawing one of the best comics on the web.

But, a common reason I see is that creating the comic has become a chore and is no longer enjoyable.

Damn straight it’s a chore. A chore is a task you do on a regular basis; typically for pay, or as one’s duty as a member of a household or some other cooperative.

Maybe there’s no promises been made, but most of us have ads and donor links. In a way, you owe your donors future pages, but the actual point is, the more you update, the more money comes in. Any hiatus takes weeks and months to recover from. But we’re not in it for the money.

The duty to update regularly isn’t to readers, it’s to yourself. Sure there’s times you don’t feel its worth the effort, but that’s simply not true. All art, all creativity even, is a chore. It takes a lot of effort to turn a stone block into a statue. Painstaking detail is need to produce a fine painting. If artist skips a day, then a week, then fails to getting back to it at all, the art becomes incomplete; a loss to everyone. Simply said the act of creation isn’t always the enjoyable part. It’s when you have that statue, painting, ship in a bottle, or years worth of updated comics that you have something to enjoy and feel good about.

It’s a chore. Your chore. Get cracking!

Oh. I’m taking Saturdays off now.