I was checking my archives and can’t believe I’ve overlooked mentioning Oh Goodie!by Seamus Patrick Burke.

While TMI is a long way from challenging the likes of Sluggy Freelance and PVP Online, much less the awesomeness that is Schlock Mercenary, I still feel that it’s my place to give props to the web comics I like that I think are under appreciated.  I was just looking at Seamus’ numbers on Project Wonderful and he’s got hundreds of readers now.  I remember how excited I was to get into that range, but he should have thousands.

If you like TMI, I can honestly say you’ll like Oh Goodie!  I don’t know art, but the stylization is consistent (which I consider high praise for web comics).  And he has some great story lines, based on 17 year old James of Chicago.

Oh Goodie! goes back to 2002, but was recently rebooted with all new art and stories.  Usually I don’t like reboots, but Seamus is clearly serious about making a great go of it.