So I’m sure a few of you might recall the bad luck I’ve had with motherboards and other components over the years.

A while back I got a UPS but for various reasons it ended up in the garage serving the DSL modem and router instead. But thanks to a generous donation last year I was able to invest in a new, smaller UPS for that gear and reclaimed my “bigger, better” UPS to support my computer.

Good thing I did the comic early today.

We just took a nasty power hit and my “good” UPS died. (Using my old reliable laptop to post this.) Now I gotta pull everything off my desk, and pull the huge desk (a hand me down) away from the wall so I can unplug the bad UPS. I think before that, I’m gonna invest in a short heavy duty extension cord so I don’t have to mess with the desk again. And hope I can afford to buy a new UPS before the next power hit.