TMI jumped the shark in 2008.

It’s largely my own fault. I’ve said time and again, it’s important to update regularly when running a webcomic or blog. Miss too many updates and you lose readers, many for good. The last few years haven’t been good to me, and I’ve let that affect updating TMI.

According to Google Analytics TMI had 162,649 visits in January 2008. That’s the highest its ever been since I started using Analytics. The next peak was July 2008 at 137,680 visits. And it was downhill from there. It’s only in the last few months, largely due to having copious amounts of free time since my stroke last July, that readership has picked up. We’ve gone from a low of 60,620 visits last July to 108,041 in January. February’s been a bit slow, only 90,471 as of the 27th. But then, I didn’t do any weekend updates.

A good part of the uptick in readership has come from new links coming in. So I want to thank everyone that’s been helping to generate some buzz about TMI. Also around 11% of traffic links in came from It was higher last month, but hanging on to the top 10 is a lot of work (and took a bit of nagging – guess I didn’t have you all trained yet). Various Project Wonderful ads brought in a few new readers as well (I frequently roll the modest ad revenue from PW back into new ads).

I’m way behind the ball on merchandising. No Ace plushies. No Spooky figurines. And it’s going to be a couple months at best before I can have something ready for print.

I will not be attending the Emerald City Comicon. I have no scheduled guest appearances, panels, or tables at any conventions this year, much less plans (or funds) to travel to attend any. Even Kumoricon, the local anime convention (which will be practically down the road), isn’t talking to me.

I’ve at least had success at more regular updates. I’m also working on fixing the old strips for publication, but I’m also going to put more effort into doing Maddie’s Monster and Bit Bucket strips.

I’m against link exchanges, but I’m going to add a list of “Link Backs” of websites that have a prominently placed link to TMI. I still will not respond to any offer of a link exchange, but if you have or see a link to TMI that’s not on my back links list, I’d like to know about it.

I’m also going to make a point of rotating the TWC vote incentives weekly or so. I’ll commit to doing TMI comics for Saturday if TMI has stayed in the top 10.

Merchandising is a real problem. If anyone has some information on how to do this without a huge outlay of cash, or getting ripped off, I’d like to hear.

I’m still trolling for some kind of convention appearance/recognition. (Guess its a networking thing; a skill I’ll have to work at improving.)  I will plan on at least attending the Portland OR 8th Annual Stumptown Comics Fest ( in April and Kumoricon in Vancouver ( in September, even if I can’t finagle a panel or guest spot.

Time to show that shark who’s boss!