Looks like no TMI for the next few days. I’m open to fan art and guest strips tho.

I had to run out on personal business today, via the bus (I don’t drive since my stroke), so it wasn’t until this evening that I could put my backup machine back together (I’d pulled it’s Phenom CPU out to put in place of my Athlon II CPU in the main machine, only to find it was still damaging files). Only problem is, now the backup system won’t even POST. And that board doesn’t support an Athlon II CPU, which I don’t know works right anymore anyway.

So I have 2 dead machines for my efforts. Say what you will about HP/Compaq, Dino, my 2006 Compaq Presario laptop is still going strong. It’s just not up to producing TMI.

I’m going to hope the Phenom II CPU is still usable and look for a replacement motherboard. If anyone knows of a good deal on a new or (guaranteed) used AM2+ PCIe motherboard which will take 4x2MB-DDR2 RAM, (preferably with Crossfire and 2 PCIe video slots) please let me know. No only local seems to have one new or used, so if I can find one it’s going to be a few days before I get my hands on it.

Thanks for putting up with me!