Tried swapping CPUs and I thought that was working.  At this point I’ve changed everything but the motherboard and RAM.  Tests on the RAM showed no errors.  I should have known I was wasting my time when my first attempt at installing Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 failed.  Then I had to reinstall all the relevant software, then copy over the content files for Poser (there’s a lot).  I get Poser going and find that I’m still missing content files.  And they’re missing from the drive I’d backed them up to in the first place.   And Poser was still locking up on me.  I figured I might as well try running Windows Update, since there’s new ones.  Restarted the computer, and it won’t launch Windows.  Put in the CD to run repair and discover that the freaking partition info is gone. The drive’s been effectively wiped.  (Yes, I know there’s tools for recovering partitions.)

So I guess I’ve lost ANOTHER motherboard.  It took me ages to find an AM2+ motherboard that supports 8 gigs of DDR2 memory (4 sticks).  I guess tomorrow I’ll pack it up and hope they honor the warranty and put my backup machine back together with 4 gigs (all the motherboard supports – 2 sticks).

Poser doesn’t work so well with only 4 gigs, but I should be able to produce something.

At least I have my old laptop to make this update.