If you’re a superhero OR WWII movie fan, this is a must see.  I saw it twice today.

That wasn’t my plan, of course. I went to see the matinee, I am on a pretty limited income after all, but, just as it got to the point where you saw the big plane for the first time, the fire alarm went off. Smoke from the grease trap the staff explained out in the parking lot as they passed out vouchers. After hanging around a bit, they announced that it would be 7PM before they restarted operations. Issues with the alarm system.

The next showing was downtown at 6:25. I figured I might as well go there, get my ticket and read, but they let me go into the movie in progress, so I ended up missing only a few minutes. And I stayed for the next showing.

I really only have one gripe with the movie. Steve Rogers obviously has the same tailor as The Hulk. When he gets bigger so do his pants. His belt wasn’t even tight.

I’m going to call it one of the best movies I’ve seen in the last couple of years.