We all like some harmless things that socially we aren’t supposed to. I have a few guilty pleasures myself.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – I think the Bronies fad, adult males with a liking for the new My Little Ponies series is a good example. I recorded a few episodes partly to see what the fuss was about, but also to look for ideas to spoof. And I can’t stop! It’s actually a rather engaging show with decent stories. Absurdly sweet, but that’s not only to be expected but suitably so. If I had kids I’d MAKE then watch it.

Ice Road Truckers – Normally I dislike reality shows. IRT Dangerous Roads lost me on the second episode. I never really got the “history” connection either, other than that it might be fascinating 50 years from now when “lifters” (anti-grav cargo carriers) are delivering cargo to any point on Earth or low orbit. Still, seeing Lisa’s determination to succeed and Alex’s humanitarianism and faith is an inspiration. Hugh and Rick’s impatience getting the better of them is, I hate to say, amusing. Not sure what the hot springs scene with Maya in a bikini had to do with trucking, but I’m not complaining.

Catgirls – I’m not a furry, mind you. But there’s something about nekomimi (kitty ears) and a tail on a cute girl. A little fur maybe. I draw the line at muzzles.

Zig-zag – A cartoon character found in Sabrina Online. She’s smart, kind, vivacious, and shameless (remind you of anyone in TMI?). She’s also a skunk/tiger hybrid. I said I draw the line at muzzles, but if I were a furry . . .

Ruby – Ruby is a beer found in McMenamins; a local brewpub chain. It’s light, refreshing, and PINK! It’s the raspberry flavoring. I haven’t been to McMenamins in years though. No fun going alone.

What’s your guilty pleasure?