The very second novel I ever read was “The Hobbit.” (The first was “The Mystery of the Green Ghost.” – But I haven’t re-read it near as many times.) So, like so many others, it holds a special place in my heart.

The movie is a must see.

The sense of wonder and magic of “The Lord of The Rings” is back with honors. Some elements differed, such as when Bilbo lost his buttons, but I can’t put a finger on anything important having been skipped. For that matter, things that had only been hinted at or mentioned in passing were stitched in nicely. Radagst The Brown got some really great moments. Sauruman’s future treachery got a spine tingling foreshadowing. And the extra villain/nemesis really makes it all work. Oh! And the goblin king was awesome.

I was worried that the ending of this first of three movies might come off as awkward or forced, but that was definitely not the case. We are getting three movies worth of story.

I can cite only 3 disappointments.

  • The “roller-coaster” scene, an obvious nod to Indiana Jones mining cart ride, was a bit too unbelievable. Fun, but it knocked me out of my suspension of disbelief.
  • I really wanted to see how the “Fifteen Birds In Five Fur Trees” song would be handled, but the scene was played seriously.
  • I have to wait for two more movies.