Read the whole thing before commenting and/or leaving in a huff, please.

This has come up more than once recently and if you’re one of those people, sorry, but I am seriously mad at you…

I swear, it’s going to be hard to resist putting an IP ban on the next person to compare me to a “Mary Sue” (being insertion of one’s idealized self into some form of popular fiction).

First off, it is hugely insulting. “Mary Sue” is a exclusively a Fan Fiction term, and has 100% NOTHING to do with ORIGINAL work. If someone wanted to write some TMI fan fiction featuring an idealized version of themselves, that would be pulling a “Mary Sue.” And good or bad, I say, “So FREAKING what?” I would LOVE to see it (no promise I’ll like it, but I will be thrilled to see it). Anyone that’s wanted to be Star Fleet Captain Mary Sue, Ralph the Barbarian, Jedi B’ob or otherwise take part in someone’s fictional environment is guilty of nothing but enjoying a work as it should be. It’s not like anyone’s being force to read a Mary Sue tale (and if they are I think that’s something along the lines of kidnapping and/or assault).

Secondly, if I identify with anyone in the strip, it’s probably Gina. Aside from gender, she is everything I wish I was. (And for the record, I have no real-life desire to see what I look like in heels. But I am smashing in a kilt.)

Third, if anyone wants to compare me to Ace, it’s probably not a great stretch, though I’m nowhere near as smart and understanding as he is. When I was young I was fairly good looking and popular with the older ladies (never did get along with girls my own age outside the friend-zone tho). And I truly wish I hadn’t lost touch since I might not be so lonely today.

Fourth, to anyone that hasn’t produced a work of fiction for others to enjoy, either pick up a pen or … uh, don’t say anything. Seriously, I’m open to constructive criticism from experienced peers. And subject to available time, my wisdom (such as it is) is available to anyone that asks.