Considerable drama today; bureaucratic, financial, emotional and more than one family related issue. AND my server is being hammered every 15-20 minutes with brute force password attempts, from multiple sites simultaneously; mostly from China.

I haven’t had time to work out the next comic. I know whats coming in the future, but I wanted a smooth segue into it.

Most of the drama is either resolved or something I can think about later. The password attempts I really don’t have to worry about, my passwords are insane and WordFence automatically blocks too many failed attempts. There’s another reason it’s not going to work, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me if I don’t give any more hints.

So, I’m gonna get some ice, poor some incredibly cheap scotch over it (Diet Dr Pepper may also get involved). Sacrilege, I know. Chill out for a bit. And hope inspiration hits before exhaustion does. Cross your fingers!