Had a beautiful memorial service today for my step-dad. Evergreen Memorial Gardens, here in Vancouver, was absolutely wonderful from start to finish.

I never called him Dad, but he was a great father. He was there every time I needed help. I shudder to think how I would have turned out without him in my life. I firmly believe that if I’d met him under other circumstances, we would have been friends.

I’m saddened at losing him. I will always wonder if there’s something I could have done, even tho I know that isn’t so. I tried to hope he would get better, but I know he wouldn’t, and I felt the fear of losing him. I’m glad he didn’t suffer too long, but frankly I think he was taken too soon. A hundred years too soon for him to go. I will always miss him.

WE have lost Jeff. But he had a good life and lots of people loved him. He made a major difference in out lives and his deeds do continue to carry forward.

In strictest terms he lost his battle with cancer, but he won the game. Big time.

Goodbye Jeff. We love you.