Several people have mentioned that the home page isn’t updating for them. I thought at first it was the caching plugin I was trying, but even after I removed it people are still having problems.

So, it ain’t me.

That leaves the browser cache needing to be cleared. (More than once I’ve had to close my browser and manually delete the cache folder.)

Or, something between my server and the readers’ systems is caching my traffic, which ain’t kosher. So at whatever point this is happening  they’ll deny doing it.

A couple of solutions:

  1. If you register and log in, that seems to bypass any caching.
  2. Or add TMI to an RSS reader and it will give you a link to each comic and post.

As for all of you that commented but didn’t see it come up, Akismet went nuts and was flagging everything as spam. Kinda weird since it’s always been pretty reliable.

Sorry about all the hassle.