Yeah, registration and login is necessary to post comments again. It’s not all due to spam this time (only 75% of the reason). I’d tell the parties that have prompted this to apologize, but they aren’t welcome back.

I’m a hack. I damned well know it. And I’ve never denied it.

First off, if you can see this without going to another location, and you haven’t slammed TMI on another site, it ain’t you that’s ticked me off. (One of whom was the one flaming comments over grammatical errors.)

I don’t mind criticism. I give it full consideration and adapt if I feel it is warranted. I do mind when it’s public, particularly when it’s done to intentionally turn away potential readers.

I have no obligation to approve or retain comments.

Paranoid ramblings that ignore or overlook the significant points (that were made multiple times) and use information from the Department of Pulled Out The Crack aren’t going to be left up.

Concerns expressed that I might be going overboard with something, like too much cameltoe (I forgot to take it off of the “production” version) I give full consideration. Yes, the cameltoes had to go. But I don’t have to keep the comment.

Comments pointing out typos, grammatical errors, its, it’s, they’re, there, their, and general screw ups are reasonably OK. I do try to get to fixing those things. But unless you make it interesting, I ain’t keeping the comment.

I do get my facts wrong a lot more often than I’d care to admit. But if no reference is provided, the comment isn’t going to get the warmest welcome. Link or it ain’t so.

Now, what I do like is a critique by someone that has applicable experience in things like their own webcomic, managing websites, writing for publication, etc. People that can’t even identify how I produce the comic without making up terms or using buzzwords, get the raspberry.

Obviously, I can’t do anything about posts on other sites badmouthing TMI. But, since they don’t seem to like the comic, they won’t notice that they’ve been IP banned.

There’s no free speech here. I provide no one a soapbox. If I think something’s an unjustified detraction, I don’t have to leave it up.

It’s my sandbox. I don’t have to put up with anyone that’s crapped on it.