I think it’s a bit obvious that I’m a bit irritable lately. I apologize.

I’m going to try to take a more positive view of things. Money’s always an issue, but thanks to all your donations (including some spectacularly generous ones) I’ve got this and next month’s hosting paid for. And I’m going to invest in a portable drive to keep a copy of all my production files that I can just grab and run with if I have to.

Saw the neurologist this morning and we’re changing up my meds. We’re dropping the pill that has me almost hearing things and upping the dose on another. Hopefully that will help.

The brute force password attacks on the site are another irritant I need to deal with. I’ve been IP banning attackers for days now and they’ve effectively downed the site more than once lately. Wish there was a way to firewall block every IP address that tries to log in as “admin.” I may have to disable logins just to keep the site up.

Also I’m a little tired of “errors” (mine and commenter’s) being pointed out by people that haven’t done their own research. If you’re right, it can’t be all that hard to find a link to a reference backing you up, yes?

And I’m going to go crawl back into bed.