Well, I’ve seen plenty of old typos pointed out again and again. Obviously, I don’t have the time (energy) to take care of them.

So, if you want a typo fixed. Fix it. Send the corrected comic to andy at this domain.

  1. Typos only. Unless something is truly incomprehensible, do not change the slang/grammar/regional dialect. (Better Scottish dialect for Spooky is welcome. Keeping in mind that she’s from Buckee, not The Highlands, is addressing an American, and that the primary readership is American.)
  2. Make sure to note the actual posting date. The date on the comic and the filename don’t always match.
  3. Font appearance must be consistent. If you can’t match it to the existing, it will be necessary to redo all of the text. Comic Sans is preferred.
  4. Include a matching transcript, especially if there isn’t an existing one.
  5. Slightly larger speech bubbles are OK.

Now something I do need help with is setting the transcripts, characters, and locations for many of the older comics. (I would like topical tags as well.) Please don’t offer if you’re only going to do 4 or 5 then quit.

There’s also been an offer to do a wiki for TMI. I tried that a while back and it died quickly (the porn spam getting injected didn’t help). If I can be assured it will see support, I’ll link to it. We can even arrange direct links for chapter, character and location tags.