Server’s been getting hammered a lot again. But I finally caught one of the worst offenders, a bogus spider out of China pretending to be with a now defunct search engine. I banned the whole network and I know what to watch for. And I finally got fail2ban working (just don’t get your password wrong too many times in one hour, or you won’t be able to reconnect for a full day, and too many times in a month, bans the offender indefinitely–I think). Next I want to figure out how to immediately perma-ban attempts to login as “admin.”

That leaves me a little taxed out, so next update may be a little late.

But, it may be about time to upgrade the server hardware anyway. It’s coming up on 4 years old.

Also I’ll finally start getting disability, but only starting from November and it will be April before I see any money. I’m going to appeal on not getting anything for the prior 3 years or so, if I can line up a good Social Security lawyer.

So beware, the tip jar is probably going to start seeing some rattling.