So, the good news:

As mentioned before, I’ll finally be getting SSA disability. It’s not a lot, but better than nothing.

And, Mom’s setting up to join a tour in Portugal (research, of course), and she’s taking me along (I guess I need to know these things too) in mid-May. (We have someone watching the house and cats.)

The problem?

It’s going to be June before I see a real payment.

I don’t have a decent laptop, so I can’t produce TMI during the trip. And I’m really bad about getting a backlog going.


It’s time to rattle the Ol’ Tip Jar again. I’m aware of Patreon, and I’ll probably look into setting it up later. Does anyone know what kind of cut they take on transactions? I couldn’t find any detail.

If you’ve ever wanted to do a guest strip, this would be a good time.  There’s no hard deadline, but by May 7th would be nice.