So, this makes 9 years of TMI.

As I may have mentioned, I originally thought I had enough material for 3 to 4 years tops. But I seem to have plenty yet to come. Only now are we getting to the wedding of Carly and Rocky, something I had planned from when I first started.

I kind of expected some backlash over “fixing” the 2 main gay characters, but I guess the theme of “we love who we love” was evident enough. Funny how it works out to be topical with Marriage Equality happening.

The Spaced Out arc was supposed to be something else entirely, but it sort of took off on me.

So, what’s coming up?

New and improved Maddie.

A new cutie pie.

The wedding, of course. Cold feet come into play.

Lady Banshee and Portland. ‘Nuff said.

Two words: Beach Party

Lady Banshee hatches a new plot to ensnare Ace in her plans. Ace won’t escape this time.

Luna and Kimi get their hands on a strange book. And someone wants it back.

Hope you enjoy the ride!