I’m going to call the rest of the month a wash and shoot for getting regular updates going again on Jan 2nd. Things probably will have settled down by then. Tho, that’s not saying I won’t get anything up in that time. (Can’t even rely on me to slack off properly…)

The good news is that Mom’s pretty much recovered from the viral attack that put her in the hospital. As she’s become more active that somehow translates in me having more to do.

It’s been cheering all the well wishes that have come my way for Mom and I. I want to thank everyone whether you’ve expressed yourself verbally or by The Internet or just thought of us.

And on that, let me wish you happiness in your holidays, joy in your family and friends, peace to your home, community, nation, planet and/or space habitat, and galaxy, AND good will to ALL.

AND BE SAFE! I need you back here on the 2nd.