Some of you might recall that my favorite charity is Mercy Corps. They have one of the best track records of keeping admin costs down, employing locals when possible, education (especially girls and women), and generally working toward giving folks a hand up, rather than a hand out.

You might notice that the ads are gone; replaced with Mercy Corps banners.

Ad revenue pretty much tanked after October. Seems TMI is now a porn site. You might recall the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign But I’m not the only one that’s seen a major drop. Same ads. Still getting the same number of click-thrus, but getting paid less. A lot less.

So, screw it. I don’t need the aggravation. I’ve tried to keep nudity artistic and tasteful, but I’m not giving a free (or cheap, anyway) ride over a few nipples.

And, money-wise, I’m doing OK. I’ve been on disability for about a year now, and if it’s not much better minimum wage, my expenses are low.

So, should you have any extra cash burning a hole in your pocket, I’m happy if you think of me, but for your tax deductible contributions, I kindly suggest Mercy Corps.