I was in Basic Training during the Grenada invasion, and S. Korea (K2 Air Base) for the First Gulf War. Only the fact that Korea is still technically a war zone makes me a war vet.

I’m not complaining. I sometimes wonder if I ever had what it takes to handle actual combat. (Danger is one thing. Fighting, maybe killing, is another.) So I have the highest regard for those that have faced combat, especially those that paid the ultimate price.

I don’t need to remind you that Memorial Day is when we honor our fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen and the civilians that supported them. I’ve always felt that we should also remember those that loved them most.

I personally don’t have any fallen warriors to remember. But I like to think that I’ve touched on that in the comic with some dignity. Grampy lost 2 sons in Vietnam. Rosa bitterly feels the loss of every employee taken and lost to war. And Dr Lane still misses her brother.

As usual, I implore you, especially if you’re lucky like me, to take a moment for remembrance, and maybe offer some support to those that aren’t so lucky.

Thanks much!