Please cast votes (hourly even) for my friend Nance:

Nance is a musician friend from Second Life. She plays some amazing music live online (LGBT friendly) usually associating her performances with a “show” in Second Life. It’s not unusual to find me hanging out at one of her shows or another “live music” event in Second Life.

Check out her gig calendar for one of her shows. If you let me know you’ll be there, I’ll try to show up (look for Etchi Sideshow).

She’s one of the great people that was there for me while I was in recovery (such as it was) from my stroke.

Her website:

Right now she’s competing on Artist Signal. Every month, the artist with the highest number of votes gets a cash prize. A considerable amount of her income comes from online tips and some music sales. But it’s not always enough. This would help.

Please help keep this innovative and amazing musician playing.