I’ve been using Windows 10 on my main system for a little over a week. I was already using the Windows 10 Technical Preview on an entertainment box (hooked up to my TV so I can watch streaming video in bed), and I rather liked it. But I wanted to make a clone of my main system’s drive first. I finally got around to that and got up the nerve.

I did a straight upgrade from Windows 7 Pro. Went very smoothly.

My system is definitely booting and running more quickly. I had thought about setting Windows 10 as a clean install, but that no longer seems necessary.

The entertainment system I mentioned would not run Windows XP, Vista, or 8.1 (I didn’t have a spare copy of 7 to try), but it took to 10 perfectly. I didn’t even have to dig up drivers for it.

I upgraded my laptop (a hand-me-down from Mom), and it’s running better than ever.

I’ve had only one blue screen, and that was before updates. Since then it’s been more stable than Windows 7 (to say nothing of 8) ever was. I can even use Sleep mode reliably.

In spite of reports of programs not running, I’ve yet to encounter that problem. My research indicates that many older 16-bit programs aren’t supported in 64-bit Windows, but that goes way back. Systems that were running 32-bit Windows might not be able to run those programs if they got upgraded to 64-bit Windows 10. I also didn’t see any mention of Compatibility Mode being tried.

So far, I like it.