I’m probably not the only one eager to bid 2016 a somewhat less than fond “Fuck you.”

We add Carrie Fisher, George Michael, and Debbie Reynolds to the list of beloved celebrities taken too soon.

Because Hillary was a certain shoe-in, people blew off voting, and we ended up with President-Elect King TanTrump.

Climate Change is the worst ever. With permafrost melting and methane blowing out of huge holes in the ground, it seems very likely that we passed the tipping point this last year or so. A nuclear winter might be all that can save us.

Fracking just coincidentally happens to be where ground water is poisoned and earthquakes are picking up ind strength and frequency.

I know some good things happened, but I’m hard pressed to call any up right now.

However, I’m resolved to begin regular updates starting on the Jan 2nd. So, see you next year.