I’d like to call everyone’s attention to the ad blitz that greets every visitor to my site.

There isn’t one? Well, there’s the Patreon… I neglected doing that, too?

What about the shackle that ties you to the monitor screen that only shows my comic?

So, I’m not turning a profit or forcing anyone to read TMI? Guess it’s a good thing I’ve never claimed to be a Terry Pratchet or David Weber. I’ve never even claimed to be anything but a hack.

I’m not fond of criticism, but I do take it. But when someone tells me to toss a character out the airlock because she’s too precocious, I see someone trying to boss me around. Some of you know I don’t take that well.

Sure Stormy can quote some texts that we would consider advanced for an 8 year old, but Orions finish standard education at 16. Sky, pushing 20, is about to become an officer. Does X look like a woman in her early 40s? So the Masters degree she mentioned probably came along shortly after. It had to in order for her to have made full Commander by the second meeting with Ace when she was in a fertile state. So she was in her mid 20s (obviously not taking advantage of an earlier fertile phase). As X and Ace’s daughter, Stormy would have a good shot at being bright.

But has she actually solved any problems? (Other than provide exposition for me.) Or has she caused trouble?

So, I’m open to constructive comments. For what I’m doing wrong you’ll want to show your qualifications if you want me to take you seriously. I already have a best selling author to advise me on writing. I could probably use some Poser tips. I never can quite get lighting right.

But tell me to get rid of characters or change my story?