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These Egalitarian Edicts sound interesting.

An Imperial Edict carries the force of law unless it’s rejected by The Assembly. They don’t cover funding, treaty agreements, and hostilities. Customarily The Assembly has 2 to 5 deci-cycles for review, unless there’s a crisis. The Assembly can pass on reviewing the edict and it takes effect at the end of the review period, reject it, accept it immediately, or send it back with amendments for Imperial approval or recall of the entire edict. In that same time the Grand Judiciaries are also expected to at least look it over.

The First Egalitarian Edict was issued by Empress U’ta-Mish’ram and approved with amendments by The Assembly in Cycle 818 Post Uprising. I’m not ‘sposed to say it like “P.U.” or “poo.”

Ororo Ace-scion!

You see I’m your daughter when I’m in trouble?


It was inspired by The American Revolution and La Révolution Française. It declared the absolute liberty of all Orions, save judicially placed restrictions on those with criminal or violent tendencies.

Like my uncles. Their last big prank caused lots of property damage and emotional distress. It’s only ‘cause they didn’t mean to hurt anyone they didn’t get- Long-time? Term. Long-term detention. No one's sure how they got their hands on so much pasta.

The edict says no one can be compelled, be forced by debt, or sell themselves or others into involuntary or indentured servitude. Not counting volunteers to the Expeditionary and Defense Corps. Other edicts further clarified the the rights and responsibilities of all Orions.

The most recent, the sixth, redefined the responsibilities co-mmen-sur-ate with membership in The Gentry. Titles got tied to population instead of property. Anyone that wants to vote in The Gentry Seats of The Assembly has to serve and protect the people in her population centers. The higher your population, the more clout your vote carries. It also established a relocation allowance. With anyone free to move at will, it meant that a poor or abusive duchess could easily find herself barely qualified to call herself a Landed Lady, much less Marquess. That’s on account of what happened to Mother and other “Outers,” like MedChief Carver, on places like Habitat Aesop.

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